5 Best Apps for Active Traders

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In this fast-paced, technologically savvy world there is no longer a need to be tied to an office or a broker. The catalyst for freedom from the routine drudgery of trading is mobile apps. There are basic free apps and paid apps that let you know it does more than play games. Researching the all of the available options will take a long time so, we did part of the work for you and found five apps with some of the best stock analysis software.

Stock Tracker

Stock Tracker app provides real-time stocks, forex tracking, and portfolio management among its other attributes. Traders can take advantage of streaming, real-time live quotes. There are pre-market and after-market quotes. The free app also provides portfolio monitoring, a full-screen chart. Allowing push notifications will alert traders in economic news earnings calendar and many more ‘must haves’ for active traders to stay on top of the market and their wealth.

Stocks Live

Stocks Live is a full-service app that allows traders to see the most recent information with 30-second refresh. There is global coverage that includes China, Japan, Hong Kong and more. Track multi-currency portfolios, and track foreign currency values over time and compare values. Stocks Live allows for fast research allowing traders to view yhr the stock market by sector and industry. Each company is organized by Numbers, Earnings Estimates, Dividend History, Competitors, Technical, Events, Tweets, and News. The best thing about this app is the price: Free.


Investalent has the typical features of other apps, such as market news, stock quotes statistics charts, world market indices. In addition, adds some awesome features: transaction and cost basis tracking, dividend reinvestment and capital gain or loss split or reverse split and annualized return calculation making it a great app for active traders. It is a full-service app with a trial period before purchasing. The trial is fully functional, but the experience is diluted because it is ad-supported.

Arbitrage Trader Pro

Arbitrage Trader Pro has been called the #1 app for Day and Swing Traders. The stock analysis software provides real-time trading signals for selected S&P500 based on a complex mathematical model, providing real-time trading signals, streaming real-time quotes, real-time P/L calculation, and real-time charts with customizable technical indicators with auto drawn Fibonacci Retracement lines. The biggest drawback to this app is its price. It may not be the most expensive app, but it is not for the faint in heart. There are free alternatives, but those will be inundated with ads complicating the functions.

An active trader needs great software. Stock Analyzer software must be able to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions 24 hours a day seven days a week. The economic climate can change in the blink of an eye and technology has increased the paces. The software must be able to update as quickly as the climate changes and go with the active trader everywhere and help traders to keep up and reach their financial goals.

See more alternative app here: https://appfelstrudel.com/a/428913444/alternative

Buying High, Selling Low: Why Acting on Price can be a Mistake

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Sans titre-2

There are some Stock Investing problems related to the conflict we face in the process of choosing an action. There’s reluctance in choosing an action, because there is a mental and natural conflict between the useful (need) and the nice (pleasure). As the saying goes – all that is good fattening and harms health. It is known that the queasiness of pregnant women is a body’s natural defense to protect the fetus against toxins of certain foods. There is quite the difference between the cases.

Having anstock analysis software can really be helpful, really?

We know we should buy low and sell high, but when most are selling low, we do the same to avoid losing too much money in the whole process. On the other hand, when most are buying in high do the same and lost with the excuse we needed to take the opportunity. The dichotomy between pleasure and financial need produces toxins that transform the market in a deceitful and cruel environment. It is almost impossible not to put emotion and feeling when working with stocks, it can become stressful and not as rewarding as most imagine. We have difficulties to escape the conflict between what should be done and what we think would be best to do. Stock investing is really cruel.

We are victims of greed – and sometimes we lack the ability with stock investing.

We are victims of our biological training and also the complex stock analyzer programs that tend to make us confused. Sometimes decisions are made just because of a feeling and not because it was well thought. We do not take proper care in our financial decisions and which drags us to the avenue of pleasure preaching an unfounded rationality. People simply sell low not to waste money and not get anything in return, even when this move should not be done, sometimes even the stock analysis software tells us to do that. On the other hand, when most are buying in high do the same and lost with the excuse we needed to take the opportunity. The heart of the solution is to reconcile the emotional desires so they do not conflict financial rationality.

Some people were meant to deal with stock investing.

It seems that good investors intuitively recognize the problem and become lonely people who act apart from the crowd. Some people decide not to follow the actions of others because of the bubbles that were caused by passion, greed and cunning of an undercover minority to cause the bursting of the gullible cattle in the mirage of easy fortune.

All this has been documented but unfortunately, we still have not fully safeguarding the mental strength to protect us from indolent lassitude that causes gross errors in our financial decisions. The mind can protect us from impatience and arbitrariness of our emotions. We need to watch what we do, for when the mind cannot free us from the passion of force, turns us into cowards who bow to the tyranny of the crowds. So if you want to work as a stock analyzer be prepared.

Download The Best iPad Stock Market Apps And Be Informed

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market appsThe modern technology today allows you to be “in-the-moment” all the time if you wish to. If you are into the stock market, no need to worry because there are tons of stock analysis software at your disposal. This software is readily available at the istore where you can download and get on with your daily activities.

Here are the iPad ready stock market apps that prove useful to you.

  • Stock Guru – A product of value prime, is hailed as one of the reliable iPad stock analysis software in the market today. Although the software comes with a $19.99 tag, it is pricey, but the benefits that you can enjoy are enormous. This software is handy and has a user-friendly interface. At a glance, you can readily navigate and see the status of your stocks. The software gives a comprehensive analysis of the current stock grade, which helps you form an informed decision of whether the stock is profitable to sell or if you buy new stocks. In addition, the application covers more than 6,700 stocks covering the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Express (AMEX), and NASDAQ. The capability of this software range from providing you with stock valuation rating, risk-percentile, return chart, sharpe percentile, ratio, stock volatility and many other valuable information that you need to advance in your stock exchange venture.
  • CNBC Business News and Finance. This is a free app that is best combine with the Stock Guru. What you can get from this app is the latest news to stay up to date with the market in real time. You can also view live stock quotes and charts. For serious players in the market, the free app can boost your current status by knowing the current trend in the market as it comes to you via live feed from this app.
  • StockWatch for iPad. Dubbed as one of the best stock analysis software in the market today, this app is affordable with $2.99 price. The benefit that you can enjoy when buying this software is to help you track your stocks. This software is not the same as the Stock Guru; this particular software is designed to put you at an advantage by allowing you to have more portfolios, created unlimited watch-lists and symbol portfolio. The combination of the three apps best prepares you to the market’s volatility.
  • Stock Touch. This is a free stock software application that is best for people who want to know the latest top 100 stocks in the US and across the globe. To gain insights on the top 100 stocks allows you to position yourself better. Also, this can help you to make nice strategy in terms or stock market or simply gain knowledge how a particular stock compete in the global scenario.

Arming yourself with the best stock analyser is a winning edge. Take advantage of the latest technology and gain more from it. With a little investment, these apps make you feel like working at the comforts of your home without having to stress yourself about any other issues related to your trade.

Top Ten Best Stock Market Books

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           Whether you’re a day trader or stockinvesting  is how you earn your livelihood, there are always ways to improve your technique. Following the market is essential, but you can also learn tips and tricks from professional investors who have become very wealthy using the stock market. Books that may help you learn how to better manage your investments include:

  • How to Make Money in Stocks
  • Short Term Trading Strategies That Work
  • Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders
  • Winning on Wall Street
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • The Four Pillars of Investing
  • Common Sense on Mutual Funds
  • High Probability Trading
  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
  • How to Trade in Stocks

How to Make Money in Stocks

            This book about stockinvesting, by William J. O’Neill, is one of the most popular books on the market today. It was written by the founder of the journal Investor’s Business Daily, and covers the basics of stock market trading, as well as stories about some of the world’s most successful traders. This book also teaches readers about O’Neill’s CAN SLIM method of trading.

Short Term Trading Strategies That Work

            This stockinvesting book was written by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez. A simple, easy to follow book, it contains tried and true methods for trading, timing and exit strategies. This book makes use of statistics, as any stock investor should. Sections include market behavior, trading strategies, and trading psychology.

Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders

This stockinvesting book was written by Jack D. Schwager. As the title promises, it includes interviews with top traders such as Michael Lauer and Mark Cook. Investors interviewed include a high school dropout who is now a professional trader, his earnings increasing by 220% each year. A reader can learn a lot from interviews with these traders.

Winning on Wall Street

Martin Zweig is the author of this stockinvesting book. This book includes an explanation of economics basics and a summary of how economics affects the stock market. The deceased author held a Ph.D. in finance and was a successful day trader. Learn the technical aspects of the economy and trading in this book.

The Intelligent Investor

A classic, this stockinvesting book was written by Benjamin Graham. Graham influenced such famed traders as Warren Buffet, and is known as the “father of value investing.” This book will teach readers the principles of trading which have made many investors wealthy, by investing safely without big risks. Learn tips from a renowned expert in this book.

The Four Pillars of Investing

            Written by William Bernstein, this stockinvestingwork focuses on four principles which will guide you to investing success. The four principles are theory, history, business and psychology. Advice is included as to how to set up your own investment portfolio. This book is different than some others in that it does not outline a strategy for making money in the stock market. Instead, it teaches readers valuable tools so that they may make educated decisions on their own.

Common Sense on Mutual Funds

This hardcover was written by John Bogle for stockinvesting help. Bogle is the retired founder and CEO of the Vanguard Group, the largest mutual fund company in the world. With an obvious emphasis on mutual funds, readers are sure to learn tips and tricks from this highly successful investor, arguably the best mutual fund professional in the world.

High Probability Trading

This is a stockinvesting  ebook written by Marcel Link. Focusing on the new investor, this book’s purpose is to allow readers to begin trading, particularly in the first few months, without losing too much money. Known as the “trader’s tuition”, the first year or so of trading can be a learning experience, but an expensive one riddled with mistakes. Link seeks to minimize loss by offering tips on how to maximize the probability of earning.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

This stockinvestingbook is often available as an ebook for no charge. It is a 1923 work by Edwin Lefevre, and is a biography of Jesse Lauriston Livermore, a trader during the American stock market crashes. Touted as an invaluable resource by such brilliant economists as Alan Greenspan and editors of the Wall Street Journal, this book will be an excellent resource to add to any trader’s library.

How to Trade in Stocks

            This final stockinvestingbook was written by Jesse Livermore himself. During the American stock market crash, Livermore became very wealthy by trading, and was even accused of causing the market crash. In order to defend himself, Livermore documented his trading strategy and published it – this book is the result.

No matter your goal for trading in the stock market, you can learn volumes of information through all the books written about investing. There are as many strategies and theories as there are books, but the more you read and familiarize yourself with different philisophies, the more likely you are to become successful at stock investing. 

How to Analyse Stocks in Spreadsheets

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Whenever the word spreadsheets are mentioned, most people shiver. However they are good stock analyzers. However, it is in fact a reasonably easy method which can be used to get number crunching and getting the answers you need. So make sure you pay attention and get your head around these concepts, because learning to understand them well, will ultimately and literally pay off. Read on.

• Inputs: In order for you to analyze anything, you have to have one to analyze. So pick your self a stock. This can be any stock that is listened at all. So whenever you have you picked a stock which you wish to analyze, you should find their ticker symbol. This is the abbreviation used to identify individual companies. The next thing you need to think about is time period. Just how long do you wish to keep an eye on this bit of stock?view additional hints at http://www.smartstockresearch.com/InvestingBasics/Articles/Stock-Analysis-Spreadsheet.html.

• Prices and Returns: When using spreadsheets as stock analysers, make sure to get price well understood. Once the price for your selected stock is retrieved, you can calculate what your returns could be. To access prices, use any of the well known stock companies. So the price is calculates ascending price today-ending price yesterday. So it is how much in a percentage it’s price has changed. You need to make a formula for that in order to get the answer. So once you do that, you can drag it down and the spreadsheet does the rest.

• Analysis: The important part of a using stock analyzers is analysis. You could find out how much the price of a bit of stock has changed over a certain period of time. This can be done with a line graph. Using this tool, you can understand how the price of the stock has varied over time. This is a gauge of volatility. This allows you to make informed decisions about potential risks involved in that investment.


• Return, Volatility, Risk Adjusted Returns: This is where it can get a little bit heavy, so pay attention. So it will not do to simply add up all of the daily returns over a period of time to get an absolute return. They must be compounded. This is to put interest into the equation. In order to to do this on a spreadsheet you need to use array formulas. You also must consider how much volatility you are willing to put up with. So the more the price goes up and down, the more volatile it is. In a spreadsheet a STDEV function is used to calculate it. In order to see a risk adjusted version, you can divide the stock’s return over its standard variation to see the difference.

Well stock gurus, there you go. All you need to know about using spreadsheets as your preferred method of analysis. It can be complicated to set up but overall it is a worthy candidate for a stock analyzer.

Learn how to research & analyse stocks

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Stock Market Research

Are you searching for information about how to do some stock analysis? Well you have come to the right place. The idea of getting in there and researching stock can be a bit much for some people, however if you learn some good financial statement reading skills, you will find it just fine. If you have the know how and the skills required to hold your head up with the professional wall street gurus, anyone can be a master investor. So read on for more info:

• Choosing Stocks: Owning a stock means that you literally own a part of a business. You must use all of the information available to make n informed decision about what stocks to pick. So pick one now.

• Buying and Trading: If you have made a decision about which stocks you want to buy, you need to actually go ahead and do it. You should research the difference between market order and limit order first as well as a few basics about using limited option techniques. This one will take some study.

Analysis and Ratios: For effective stock analysis, you should get used to reading annual reports issued by companies. This will allow you to create a value for the company. With experience, you are able to deduce from the numbers how well a company is performing. You will have to start understanding things like goodwill, depreciation, and diluted shares outstanding.

• Value Investing: Value investing is a subject which allows very successful people to make an absolute fortune. You should become acquainted with it in its pure or modified forms before you start out your investing journey.

• Global Investing: You should consider branching out when you decide to do some investing. A good stock analysis will allow you to judge which companies are worth investing in worldwide. This can add a significant amount of value to your investing gains so do not underestimate them.recommended you read http://www.marketsmith.com/stock-market/stock-market-research-tools/ because they have so many tips about how to analyze stocks.

• Taxes and Miscellaneous: You should do a lot of work on your taxes in order to conserve as much of your profits as you can. Do not underestimate the value of saving up little bits here and there from your taxes. After a period of time ,you will see a significant increase in your profits. If you neglect this part of things, you will significantly lose profits over time.

Stock Market Research

Well that is the end of our tips financial people. You can always immerse yourself in the lessons and studies of investments any time you like. You can then begin investing. Remember though that the beginnings of a great investment is the a solid research period into which stocks you want to buy and finally finish off with a good stock analysis.

How to Write a Stock Analysis Report

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Fundamental and technical analysis

Are you interested in learning how to write a stock analysis report? This is a useful tool for making sure you have considered everything which is necessary about a company before you make an investments. It has often been believed by experts that those who learn the most about a company before making any investments will always win the day and come out with the very best of returns. So read on and find out some of the things you should consider when writing a stock analysis report

• Company Overview: This should be done in order for any potential investors to understand the business, the industry in which it operates, its motivations and any reason why it could prove to be better than the competition. These are some of the most important things to think about when considering a company as a viable investment. You should always refer to official company reports for these details. They provide the best information for making a decision.

• Investment Thesis: This is the part of the report in which the ups and downs of the company are explored. This includes some research on the company’s financial history including sales and growth of profits, cash flow generations, debt levels and general liquidity. This data should then be compared to its competitors. This should then be cast down into a generalised analysis of the company;s performance. This can give the best understanding of future possibilities.what do you think at http://www.marketsmith.com/Learn/Topic.aspx?name=Analyzing+Stocks&type=4 ? please tell me it is helpful to you.

• Valuation: This is when you calculate the appropriate value for a piece of stock and then compare it to the price which is on the market. In order to do this, you could estimate the company’s future cash flow and discount them back with an estimated discount rate. The next part of the stock analysis report is the relative value where metrics and valuation ratios are discovered and compared. The last is to predict what the company would be worth if it went into liquidation or it broke up.

• Risks: This particular section should be an addendum to the previous one and consider factors such as the company;’s governance, the political regime and nearer term flows. These are some factors which can affect future stock value.

• Miscellaneous: Make sure to run checks on the general health of the company and its worth before you make a decision. Discover the key points which underlay other investments in the company and make sure it is all clearly stated.

Fundamental and technical analysis

That is all the pointers we have for you when you are writing a stock analysis report. You should make sure to be as consistent and thorough as possible throughout the process. This is the type of analysis which is guaranteed to perform better than quickly made gut decisions. Make sure that you use this type of report as a guideline for your investments. Good luck with writing your stock analysis report.

5 of the Best Stock Market Apps

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Stock Market Chart

Are you one of the financially nifty members ofthe stock market investing crew? Well if you are, we would be willing to bet that you are looking for a way to make your investments easier to make and analyse on the go. So you could potentially be checking out your portfolio for the day or making your quarterly adjustments all using apps. You have the choice to use some of the most colourful and engaging stock market apps out there. So have a read at our list of the very best apps available today:

• Bloomberg: This is a very sophisticated piece of kit. This app ranks among the favourites of investors round the virtual world. This app includes the very best in multimedia content including articles and video information relating to the stock market. They also include all the charts you need to understand the market performance as well as stock prices in the past. You also have the option of storing your favourite stocks and to easily view your portfolio.read the full details at http://www.blogs.marketwatch.com/cody/2013/09/26/top-5-best-stock-market-iphone-apps/ for more reviews.

• USA Today Portfolio Tracker: This is an app which is connected with a large amount of brokerages located in the US. This app allows you to track your portfolio throughout the day at your convenience. You have the ability to view stocks, mutual funds, ETFs 401ks and IRAs. All of your current investments are displayed on a screen to give you an overall idea. Additionally, this stock market app is very safe. Its security is the same as a bank’s.

• Jstock: This little app which is incredibly vibrant and colourful allows you to keep track of your stocks and international indexes at your leisure. You are also able to see whether individual stocks are going up or down. Additionally it gives you historical charts going back ten years and a few analysis tools.

• TheStreet: This app gives you , on the basis of a twenty minute delay, quotes about your investments. It also provides you with news and information from experts in the field. All content is updated throughout the day and you have a wide variety of search options to find out what you need.

• Stock Market Live Wallpaper: This stock market app is a live wallpaper which gives you the heads up on the performance of DOW Industrial 30 or stocks which you have chosen to monitor. Merely refresh the page to get continuous updates.

Stock Market Chart

Well all of you stock market enthusiasts, there you have it. Some of the best apps which can support your activities in the stock market world. Whether you wish to monitor, get informed about or read the news pertaining to the stock market, one of these apps will give you what you need. So don’t wait another minute, grab one of these superb stock market apps.

Recognize Your Financial Troubles And Fashion Some Unique Arrangements To Conquer It

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personal finance

In this economical world, finance is considered to be the basic need for everything and anything that a single person requires to fix up in life and so its appropriate management is necessary. Generally an individual need money for his personal work as well as for several reasons. For instance, to purchase a property, to hold advanced studies or to keep expenses enclosed in the treatment of some fatal diseases. Proper sketching of finance is crucial so that the over mentioned possessions can be achieved in an effective manner.

Finance tips may aid people to design arrangements for their upcoming professional endeavors which embraces both small scales and a big venture. They attest beneficial to a person who wish to manage aspects regarding finance that are encompassed in a project. It is vital to create a better plan by recognizing all the features involved in the financial management. A good search is important to pen down a proper nature of the financial needs and this encloses considering all the features which are affordable as well as moves with stable changing market trends.http://www.investorfinances.com/recognize-your-financial-troubles-and-fashion-some-unique-arrangements-to-conquer-it/ is a great site for those who had a financial trouble.

Realizes all the possible resources in which the loan or revenue money can be obtained plus interest rates are taken into account previous to applying for that loan or money. It has been ever sensible to design special arrangements for the potential conditions because immediate supplies of finance is not trouble-free to meet. You can perform the same arrangements if you have invested savings too.

Nature of debt finance, car finance and personal finance may gets vary from one individual to the other. Personal finance is generally requisite for diverse things such as to purchase property or education. But the debt finance is needed by a person in order to apparent the money which is utilized for various emergencies.

personal finance

Similarly, interest rate of car finance should differ based on the terms and conditions which are established by the finance provider. For instance, bank or private company. All these key factors should keep in mind when you are merging along with personal finances and you should be practicing to diagnose your personal finance tribulations. This will surely lead you on the road to monetary freedom.for more information, follow her latest blog post.

Hang Out Where Experienced Investors Are

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Investor Meeting

It’s important to network with other investors, and the best place to do that is at your local REIA. Join your group, and become a regular at the meetings. Get there early and hang out with other investors that are there. At my meeting, you will most likely find these people near the bar standing around with a beer in their hands talking real estate. You often learn as much if not more before the regular meetings and at what we call “the meeting after the meeting”. This is when folks just kind of hang around after the scheduled meeting and discuss business. Be sure to introduce yourself and tell them you are new.go to the website http://www.myfinancebutler.com/acquire-more-finance-useful-tricks-by-turn-up-on-the-best-finance-trend/ for more updated information.

These folks are one of the best sources of free information you will ever find. This group is also where you will find your first mentors. Learning from those that have beeninvesting in real estate for a while, can save you a lot of time and money not to mention a whole lot of headaches. They can prevent you from making some costly mistakes. If you aren’t sure if your deal is “really a good deal”, they will always be willing to help you evaluate it.

Tools for Success

If at all possible, find a way to have access to the MLS. This may be through an agent or even through the agent’s assistant. You can easily determine what retail buyers are paying for houses in the area on the MLS, as well as what investors are buying the houses for.

These are two very different numbers. If you are planning to wholesale properties, you really need to have access to this information. Knowing how many days a property is on the market before selling is also very helpful.

I have found that Zillow and some of the other free sites don’t have information that is as reliable as what you can find from sources in your own backyard.

Investor Meeting

Get a subscription to your local PVA or Tax Assessor’s Site. You can Google “tax assessors site + your city” and find this information. In my area this just costs $25 per month, and it is well worth it. I can look on this site and find the owner’s name, the sales history of the property, and its current tax value to name just a few things. There is also a direct link to the tax bill so you can see if their property taxes are current.

When you start out on the right foot, you will almost certainly save yourself a lot of time, money and headaches in the future.